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Our area of expertise includes F&B, Retail & Hotels and Logistics.We take pride in providing reliable services such as manpower outsourcing, HR matching, and training.Our professional services is your #1 source for ready and connected with freelancers.


At E-Job Groups, we are determined to emerge as the most preferred manpower supply services in Singapore. By working hard to offer the best of services to our clients, we wish to build long-term relationships with them and effectively help them achieve success in their respective field of work.

Furthermore, we aim to offer a quality manpower solution that benefits both the employer and the employee. We aspire to be a cordial and reliable staffing organisation that will help customers achieve their desired work life, as well as training them to be highly professional, and inculcating moral values such as integrity and providing loyal services. 


We hope to leave a positive impact on people’s lives through the facilitation of accurate pairings between their own talents and employment opportunities. We aspire to build a bridge for leading business organisations, and uphold possible opportunities by providing excellent manpower outsourcing services in Singapore.

To accomplish these, we enable our clients to boost their business through high-quality services of human resources and behavioural training. We also make business convenient for our clients for better and easier understanding. We also train our clients in outsourced manpower for better business execution.


We adhere to the 5 Es framework in ensuring top-notch quality in our work and organisation. Firstly, equality. We promise only what we can deliver, and we ensure that we deliver on every promise. Our business is built on the fundamental values of honesty, integrity and respect, and we make sure to uphold these values towards our colleagues as well as clients. Secondly, exist. We are extremely committed to provide solutions for our customers. Thus, we exist to meet, discuss and resolve any challenges that customers face. Enjoyment. Helping others through our daily business activities and services brings us joy. We are also deeply passionate in our field of work, thus working here is always a pleasure. Excellence. We strive for the best performance in everything we do, aiming to provide top quality services to our clients. Effectiveness and Efficiency. We are efficient in seeking effective methods to solve problems, and to better serve our customers. We are never afraid to experiment with new things in our continuous efforts to enhance the results of our work.




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